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OUR History

The PA Ball Hawks began in 2007 as a small organization fielding two teams (both a 10u and 12u team) built from girls who locally played at the recreation level who wanted to challenge themselves with an opportunity to play at a more competitive level.

The first two years of our organizational development were devoted to branding the Organization -- including establishing our name and determining our mission statement to share out with the local softball community. We very quickly attracted a number of highly talented athletes, who with the assistance of our superb coaching staff, helped our organization reach new heights in the competitive travel fastpitch world.

From 2009 to the present, the influx of players welcomed onto our teams has allowed the PA Ball Hawks Organization to provide many GREAT opportunities that directly benefit our athletes and beyond -- including an indoor winter training facility agreement with Backyard University, equipment upgrades, etc… We have taken pride in reaching out to the softball community by offering clinics (free of charge) to local players that are looking for high quality instruction in an effort to become a better softball player. We also have a well-trained coaching staff that devotes MANY hours to our players to assist them in further developing more advanced softball skills. It’s apparent that our coaches LOVE the game!

During our continued growth, our teams have experienced numerous top-three finishes at tournaments along the East Coast, and we continue to be very competitive at Regional and National Events. Throughout the years,  MANY of our 18u-level players have received offers from colleges to further their love for playing the game. Our athletes’ dedication to the Organization as well as the Organization’s commitment to them has allowed them to pursue softball careers at the collegiate level while also supporting their quest in obtaining educational degrees related to their future career endeavors.

During our history, the PA Ball Hawks Organization has witnessed many other local organizations come-and-go. Several have attempted to start up, but fail within two years. Others have hung around, but never had the ability to compete at a high level or become a nationally recognized brand because they lack the talent, resources and commitment from both players and parents. Nor, have these other organizations had the financial stability that exists within the PA Ball Hawks Organization.

The PA Ball Hawks Organization feels that, for these reasons mentioned above, we have set the standards high for how a SUCCESSFUL travel fastpitch organization functions. While we are not without our own faults, we truly believe that we have the BEST board,  athletes and parents around. In addition, our Organization offers the BEST value for your dollar in terms of training and tournament experience.

The PA Ball Hawks Organization is PROUD of who we are, what we have accomplished and what the future holds for both our Organization and our TALENTED players.

Who Are We?... Ball Hawks

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