Making a PayPal Payment

Using our Organizational PayPal feature, BH families can make payments towards dues, uniform costs, etc... throughout the season. Please follow the instructions provided below to ensure that your payment is credited accordingly:

(1) Click on the Donate button provided below. This will redirect you to the PA Ball Hawks PayPal website.

(2) Enter the amount to donate in the monetary field provided by clicking on the dollar amount. Then, choose to make a payment through Donate with PayPal account or using your Debit or Credit Card.






(3Click on Write a Note (Optional). In this field, indicate the reason for the payment, your BH player's first and last name and team (i.e...Dues/Susie Softball/18u Gold).


(4) Complete the necessary debit/credit card (if applicable), billing address and personal info fields.


(5) Click on the Donate Now button to submit your payment located at the bottom of the page.




This process is FAST and EASY! Please contact Kristina Gartrell (Director of Player Accounts) at with any additional questions about payments made to your BH account(s).